Middle Schools

Parents: Please help your child locate a comfortable space to complete their assignments each day between the hours of 8:30am-12:00pm. If you have questions, you or your student may email the teacher directly, or your student may schedule a time with their teacher to connect through Google Hangout.

Students should not spend more than 30 minutes per academic subject for a total of 2 hours a day, plus 1 hour daily of electives and PE. Teachers will often post optional extended learning opportunities for students in their daily lessons in the supplemental resource section.

Students: Please follow your normal school schedule to complete assignments. For instance, if you have Math 1st period, you would complete your math assignments during the 1st period (8:30-9:00).

Each day, you are responsible for completing assignments, reviewing teacher feedback and commenting on another student’s work as assigned by your teacher. Please make sure to check teacher comments on daily assignments. You may need to look at the previous day to see comments.

Copy of Middle School Continuity of Learning Expectations for Students

Middle School Grades

Please know that we recognize the importance of communicating assignment completion to parents as a key priority of how our students are performing both academically and emotionally. We also recognize that not all of our students have the same levels of access and support for learning within their homes.

Based on guidelines recently released by the California Department of Education (CDE) and in conjunction with the Santa Clara County Office of Education and our high school district, Union School District would like to share how we will address grading for our middle school students for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4. Several factors were considered in moving in this direction including the guidance to ensure that grading policies hold students harmless for their spring grades and the transition to distance learning. With these considerations, the grading for Quarters 3 and 4 will be reported as follows:

Quarter 3: Students will receive a Credit or No Credit score based on the percentage they had earned up until school campuses were closed.

Students who had letter grades of D- and above as of March 13th, our last day of on-campus learning, will receive a score of Credit.

For students who had an F, a mark of No Credit will be initially assigned. Any student who has a mark of No Credit will have two weeks to complete work in order to raise the score to a Credit. These two weeks have been designated as April 20th through May 1st. Please have your child reach out to their teacher if they’d like support. Teachers will work directly with students to provide every opportunity for them to receive a “Credit” score within the two week period.

Quarter 4: Distance Learning Assignment Completion Reporting in PowerSchool.

Moving forward, the following codes will be used to communicate student progress on distance learning assignments:

✔ - Completed Assignment

i - Incomplete Assignment

m - Missing Assignment

Ongoing support will continue to be provided to students through Google Classroom and through office hours. We encourage all students to continue to engage and participate in learning at home to the best of their ability for the remainder of the school year. If your student needs help or support, please reach out to their teachers or myself. We’re here to help.

End of Year Grade

A final Credit or No Credit mark will be assigned for Q4. There will be no overall GPA or letter grade assigned for the end of the year. Report cards will reflect either CR or NC for Q3 and Q4. 6th and 7th grade students will be considered to have passed their current grade and will naturally be promoted to the next grade for the upcoming school year. 8th grade students, as they always have, will naturally matriculate into 9th grade in the Fall.

PowerSchool Notifications

The best way to currently view your child’s progress is by visiting the PowerSchool Portal.