@home Learning tips

Learning @Home Tips

  • Establish routines and expectations.

  • Balance screen time and non-screen time activities.

  • Students should take brain breaks and move regularly as they study.

  • Discuss what your student is learning and ask questions.

  • Establish times for quiet and reflection.

  • Remain mindful of your student’s stress and anxiety.

Moving Forward

We are committed to working together to address challenges as the situation continues to evolve. Please do the best you can to support your child to re-engage with learning in this new format. Do reach out to your school if you need help. At home learning is new for all of us. We appreciate your patience as we transition to this new learning environment. We are all part of the USD family, and we are here to support each other.

Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google, identifies the challenges of learning at home and breaks down what parents can do to help our children continue to learn.